Bison and Cattle

Requirements for all cattle imported into Michigan:

Interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (ICVI):

  • An official ICVI properly completed by an USDA accredited veterinarian that is licensed in the animal’s state of origin.
  • The ICVI must include the official ear tag number of each animal. Acceptable ear tags are found in the Identification section below.
  • ICVI must be signed within 30 days prior to importation.
  • Exception:  Cattle moving directly to slaughter may move on an "Owner Shipper Statement"  as long as they are slaughtered within three days. 


  • All breeds and ages of cattle must be identified with an official ear tag except:
    • Cattle moving directly to a slaughter plant may enter with an USDA approved backtag.
  • All cattle not moving directly to slaughter may enter Michigan with an official ear tag, and the official ear tag number must be written on the ICVI. 
    • Once an animal arrives at either a Michigan livestock market or at a Michigan farm, it must be tagged with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tag prior to leaving the livestock market or farm, including imported cattle moving to slaughter through a Michigan market.
  • Cattle may not enter Michigan with only a breed registry tattoo or brand serving as the sole means of identification.  Tattooed and branded cattle must also have an official ear tag to meet the identification requirement to enter Michigan.