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Terri Barker

Economic & Community Development Analyst

Terri is an Economic & Community Development Analyst with Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development. In this role, she is the Agriculture Development Division's food and agriculture innovation lead and is also the business development lead for the Quality of Life Aquaculture Team (a DNR, EGLE, MDARD collaboration).

Terri previously worked as a Policy Director in the State Legislature, Food Programs Manager at The Food Bank Council of Michigan. Through the years, she has worked in various places throughout the food supply chain; as a buyer for a multinational grocery chain and a local co-operative, and on permaculture, organic and biodynamic farms.

Terri is on the Michigan State University's AgBioTech Michigan Translational Research and Commercialization (MTRAC) Advisory Committee, the Eriehack 2.0 Advisory Board, and the MSU Center for Regional Food System (CRFS) Advisory Board. She has worked with the Bafokeng Kingdom in South Africa to develop their agriculture sector, and has publishing credits in Veterinary Medicine and Pediatric Dentistry Journals.

Terri received her degree in Linguistic Anthropology from University of Michigan.

Terri Barker's LinkedIn Profile