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Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Rule

The Food and Drug Administration's Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule (21 CFR § 112) is a major overhaul to our nation's food safety practices and includes new mandatory regulations for farms that grow, harvest, pack, or hold produce typically eaten raw.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) is so proud of the abundance of fresh produce grown in our great state. We know you, as growers, are committed to growing and harvesting produce that's safe for all of us to consume. So, we are focusing our efforts to assist you in understanding how the FSMA Produce Safety Rule may affect your farm and business, and what steps you need to take to be in compliance.

Does the FSMA Produce Safety Rule Apply to My Farm?

Michigan farmers that grow produce are encouraged to use our quick and easy tool to help determine if your farm is covered by this rule. Using this tool will help you:

  • Understand your coverage status.
  • Receive free, current, and relevant information regarding the FSMA Produce Safety Rule.
  • Give your farm a head-start when your status becomes covered.

MDARD Produce Safety Tool - Make sure your farm is set up for success. Use our tool to get produce safety ready!

Resources and Technical Assistance for Michigan Produce Growers

The Michigan On-Farm Produce Safety (MIOFPS) Team is a collaboration between MDARD staff, Michigan State University Extension educators and Conservation District Produce Safety Technicians. The group works together to ensure Michigan produce growers have the necessary resources and technical assistance to implement and enhance on farm produce safety practices. There are a variety of free, confidential resources available to Michigan growers. See the descriptions and contacts below or visit the MIOFPS website  for additional details.

  • Conservation District Produce Safety Technicians: Produce Safety Technicians are available throughout the state to provide free, confidential, technical assistance to Michigan produce growers. They can assist growers in making minor changes to improve on farm food safety or can assist with completion of the Produce Safety Risk Assessment tool.
  • Produce Safety Risk Assessment (PSRA): The PSRA is a tool that farms can use to identify areas of risk and enhance on farm produce safety practices. With support from their Produce Safety Technician, growers can complete the tool. Farms that have completed the PSRA are eligible to receive a certificate and to use the Michigan On Farm Produce Safety Participating Farm logo. See the current PSRA copy for additional details.
  • Produce Safety Alliance (PSA) Grower Training: The PSA Grower Training is a standardized training curriculum for produce safety, including a foundation of Good Agricultural Practices and Produce Safety Rule requirements. This training satisfies the training requirements under the Produce Safety Rule, 112.22(c). Sign up for PSA training .
  • On Farm Readiness Review (OFRR):  Growers looking for guidance on how to best prepare your farm for a Food Safety Modernization Act Produce Safety Rule (21 CFR § 112) inspection or interested in enhancing produce safety on your farm can request an OFRR. See the flyer for more details, or sign up for OFRR training .

Produce Safety Education Videos for Growers and Farm Workers

Click below to view Produce Safety Rule educational videos for both growers and farm workers.

Produce Safety Inspection for Farm Owners (English)

Produce Safety Inspection for Farm Owners (Spanish)

Produce Safety Inspection for Farm Workers (English)

Produce Safety Inspection for Farm Workers (Spanish)

Produce Safety Technical Assistance

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