Agricultural Product Licenses

  • Agricultural Marketing and Bargaining Act

    The Act establishes a requirement on the part of handlers and associations to negotiate prices and other terms of sale of the commodity each year, and provides for binding arbitration between those parties if negotiations are not successful.

  • Christmas Tree Inspection & Certification

    Christmas trees shipped outside regulated areas must be inspected and accompanied by proper certification. Much of Michigan lies within the area regulated under the two federal quarantines.

  • Fertilizer and Liming Information

    Fertilizer License and Registration Requirements, as well as Liming License Requirements

  • Grain Dealers

    Grain Dealer license forms, dealer accepted practices, database of all licensed grain dealers, dealer insurance information, and more.

  • Nursery Licensing and Inspection

    Nursery Licensing and Inspection information, including requirements, applications, inspection information, and more.

  • Wholesale Potato Dealer