Pesticide Container Recycling

The Michigan Pesticide Container Recycling Program is a partnership between the MDARD, the Michigan Agri-Business Association, the Ag Container Recycling Council, Turfgrass, Inc., agri-chemical dealers, and pesticide users across Michigan. The Program protects groundwater by promoting the proper rinsing and recycling of pesticide jugs and drums. Pesticide users can bring pesticide containers that are empty, properly rinsed and dry, to participating agri-chemical dealers. The agri-chemical dealers store them on-site to await pickup by the recycling firm or transfer to another larger collection site. Recycled containers are manufactured into products such as bumper blocks, fence posts, and drain tile. In cooperation with 38 agri-businesses, 84,809 pounds of empty pesticide containers were collected for recycling.

FY2015 Pesticide Container Recycling Annual Report