Enrolling in the Farmland Preservation Program

Click here for a copy of the PA 116 Farmland Preservation Eligibility Requirements and instructions. 

A landowner who is interested in applying, files an application with the local governing body, i.e., city or village, the township if the township has adopted its own zoning ordinance, or the county for those townships which have not adopted a zoning ordinance.

Click here for the application.

The local governing body has 45 days within which to approve or reject the application.

Within this 45 days, the governing body must seek the comments of:

  • the county or regional planning commission
  • the soil conservation district
  • a city if the land is within 3 miles of the city
  • a village if the land is within one mile of the village.

These agencies are allowed 30 days from the day of notification to forward their comments to the clerk of the local governing body.

If approved, the application is forwarded to the Michigan Department of Agriculture, Farmland and Open Space Preservation Office.

If the application is rejected, or if no action is taken by the local governing body, the applicant may appeal directly to the Michigan Department of Agriculture.

Click here for a copy of instructions for local governing body's completion of application.

This set of instructions is for use by local governing body officials in executing their responsibilities in processing an application for Farmland Development Rights Agreement.

Tax Credit Eligibility

To be eligible for tax credits in a given year, the application to enter the program must be approved by the local unit of government on or before November 1st.