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Tim Slawinski

Bureau of Food Safety and Animal Health

Tim Slawinski is the director of the Bureau of Food Safety and Animal Health (BFA) of the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development. The BFA is responsible for protecting, regulating, and promoting animal health and also ensuring a safe and wholesome food supply, while working to maintain a viable food and dairy industry.

Michigan's grocery and convenience stores, food/feed processors, dairy farms, food service establishments, food warehouses, and produce farms are regulated by BFA, in partnership with Michigan's 45 local health departments. BFA staff works with a variety of food and feed industry, regulatory, consumer, and academic partners to assure the food produced, distributed, and sold in Michigan is safe and wholesome.

To accomplish the mission of protecting animal health, the bureau mainly focuses on three key functions: monitoring and responding to reportable diseases, ensuring animal traceability, and licensing and inspecting certain animal-related businesses—such as registered animal shelters, aquaculture facilities, and livestock haulers. Together, these efforts help to ensure animal welfare as well as limit the spread of diseases that could negatively impact Michigan’s agricultural economy and public health. The efforts of the bureau are further strengthened and amplified through collaboration with other state and federal agencies, industry stakeholders, and other animal health partners.

Tim was named director for BFA in 2023. Before that, he served as the director of the Food and Dairy Division. Since joining MDARD in 2012, Tim has had several roles within the department, including Emerging Issues Specialist, Food Safety Modernization Unit Manager and Acting Deputy Division Director. Prior to joining MDARD, Tim spent 12 years working for industry in the field of food safety for several companies including Cargill and Kellogg’s.


Tim Slawinski
Director of the Food Safety and Health Bureau