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Jordan Polaskey

Laboratory Division Director

Jordan Polaskey serves as the Laboratory Division Director for the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD).

As the division's deputy director, Jordan provides direction and coordination for all services provided by the Laboratory Division. This includes planning, directing, and implementing work activities for lab programs. Other responsibilities include establishing priorities and formulating current and long-range plans and policies, developing budget recommendations for equipment and technology, and establishment and tracking of program performance metrics for both annual reporting of programmatic outcomes and the use of Balanced Scorecard functionality in each program.

The Laboratory Division helps safeguard consumers every day - whether it be at the gas pump or ensuring our food is pathogen free. As part of MDARD's regulatory programs, the Lab tests for various food and feed pathogens and pesticides, provides diagnostic testing, ensures the quality and quantity of gas being sold, prevents economic fraud by looking for credit card skimmers, and ensures packages contain the amount of product they claim. Their efforts continue to protect public health, preserve the integrity of the food safety net and ensure consumers are safe at the pump.

Jordan has served in a wide variety of laboratory roles for the State of Michigan since 2012, including his current role since 2017. Before joining MDARD, Jordan started his career as a pharmaceutical chemist helping deliver innovative products and services in drug discovery, development, delivery and manufacturing of a vast number of regulated products – including active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and excipients.

A graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in chemistry, he is a member of the Quality of Life Leadership Academy Steering Committee, MDARD Safety Committee, and currently serving in his third year on the Board of Directors for the Michigan State University Basketball Program’s Rebounders Club.

Jordan divides his time between Greater Lansing and Glen Arbor with his wife Danielle and two daughters - Ariana and Giana. He is an avid MSU fan and is active in the community's civic organizations.


Jordan Polaskey
Director of the Laboratory Division