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MDARD's Emergency Management Program

We are committed to serving, promoting and protecting the food, agricultural, environmental and economic interests of the people of Michigan. This is ongoing, every day, through various programs, license operations and inspections.

We prepare for:

  • Natural Disasters - weather related events like thunderstorms and tornadoes, fires, animal or plant disease.
  • Man-made Disasters - hazardous materials spills, biologic accidents, workplace accidents or the accidental introduction of animal or plant disease.
  • Terrorists Attacks - nuclear or radiological, biological, chemical, explosive, cyber or infrastructure attacks.

Our Emergency Management Program is responsible for preparing our staff, industry partners and general consumers for events that are deemed as emergency or crisis. The program works to ensure that Michigan's agriculture and food supply is safe and secure. Under Michigan's Emergency Management Act, each state agency is required to have an emergency management coordinator to help facilitate statewide responses to disasters. The MDARD Emergency Management Coordinator works with all of the Department's programs and external stakeholders to help develop plans and programs to prevent food, agriculture and animal emergencies; prepare for and respond to those that may occur; and recover from actual events.

For more information on the Department's emergency management program or emergency preparedness for your farm or agribusiness please contact us at 1-800-292-3939.