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Michigan Asparagus Expected in Midwest Grocery Stores Starting in May

Michigan Asparagus Expected in Midwest Grocery Stores Starting in May

Lansing, MI - Get ready to savor the fresh flavorful taste of Michigan asparagus as the season gets underway and this nutritious first crop of the season makes its way to grocery store aisles across the Midwest. Asparagus is a staple in the state’s agriculture catalog with Michigan being the largest grower in the United States.

"As the first crop of the season, purchasing Michigan asparagus helps set a foundation of support for local farm families, grows our rural economies and works toward long-term agriculture sustainability," said Tim Boring, director, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD). "Buying locally grown produce reduces food miles, lowers the carbon footprint, and helps maintain strong Michigan communities."

“When you are out shopping for asparagus be sure to look for the “Product of Michigan” or “Product of the U.S.” on the purple band,” said Jamie Clover Adams, Executive Director of the Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board. “If you don’t see those labels, be sure to ask your local retailer. Michigan asparagus is a high-quality, nutritious homegrown vegetable with a longer shelf-life that can be used in a variety of ways to add a taste of Michigan agriculture to any meal.”

The Michigan asparagus season typically runs from mid-May until the end of June each year. Fresh Michigan asparagus makes its way from the field to the retail shelf in about a week ensuring consumers can enjoy their fresh asparagus for longer. The quick turnaround time also means consumers can experience the superior flavor and quality of Michigan asparagus and create restaurant-quality side dishes right in their own kitchens. For on-trend recipes and more information on Michigan asparagus, visit