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Job Seekers

Career Pathways

Using the following resources, you will be able to discover and explore a wide range of food and agricultural career pathways. Search for an occupation, and the pathway to achieve this occupation will be offered in a step-by-step process. Salary and employment statistics can be explored to find the perfect fit. Start your career pathway here:

Job Boards

Job boards are a wonderful way to explore the current open opportunities that are available. By expanding your job search with these search engines, you increase your changes of landing an interview at the perfect company!

Connect with Professionals for Support

The journey of finding a career can be a scary task alone. Luckily, Michigan is filled with agencies and resources to help you along the way! 

MI Works! Agencies

Explore: Identify what jobs are best suited for your existing skills through assessments and conversations with career coaches 

Prepare: Attend workshops to polish your resume, interview skills, and job readiness skills. 

Train: Develop new skills for todays high-demand jobs through training opportunities and scholarships 

Apply: Attend job fairs, search Pure MI Talent Connect for job openings


State of Michigan Career Services

Learn how to apply to government postings using this quick guide: Government Jobs Application Guide

Search for State of Michigan Jobs: State of Michigan Jobs

Labor and Economic Opportunity (LEO)

LEO is a great resource to access employment and training opportunities in the State of Michigan. The Employment and Training resource is a great opportunity to gain skills and certificates that will help you become the perfect candidate for your dream job.

You Can in Michigan Campaign

A unique campaign designed to help take your career and lifestyle to all new heights in Michigan. Whether you already live in Michigan, or you are looking to relocate, this campaign can help you find careers, find places to live, find events, and make connections.