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Large Carnivore Breeding Advisory Committee

The Large Carnivore Act was created in 2000 due to public health and safety concerns related to ownership of large carnivores, including animal care issues and major injury and fatality incidents. The statute as passed did not allow zoos to run or participate in breeding programs for these animals. After several years of discussions and negotiations, the Legislature amended the Act in 2018 to allow for breeding programs. The Large Carnivore Breeding Advisory Committee was also created to provide input on the applications for the licenses that are now available.


Dr. Nora Wineland
MDARD, State Veterinarian/Animal Industry Division
Phone: 517-284-5689


Hayley Murphy, DVM (Detroit Zoological Society - public), term expiring June 21, 2026
Diane Thomson (Binder Park Zoo - private), term expiring June 21, 2026

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