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Michigan Youth Livestock Scholarship Fund

Since 2000, the Michigan Youth Livestock Scholarship Fund (MYLSF) has been awarding scholarships annually to outstanding youth who exhibit at the Michigan State Fair, Michigan livestock Expo and Michigan Dairy Expo. The fund is also responsible for supporting educational awards provided to youth livestock and dairy exhibitors each year. Funding comes from specific proceeds from the Michigan Livestock Expo Sale-Abration.

The Fund showcases our youth, who represent the future face of Michigan’s food and agriculture industry, and the strong sense of community that can be generated.
- Ernie Birchmeier, MYLSF Chairperson

Donate today to receive the MYLSF, 501(c)3 Tax Credit. Your tax-deductible gift will help provide educational awards and scholarships for youth to continue their interest in the Michigan livestock industry. You may support the MYLSF by:

  • Making a tax-deductible donation to the Michigan Youth Livestock Scholarship Fund (MYLSF) at PO Box 13295, Lansing, MI 48901,
  • Attending and participating in the Michigan Sale-Abration held annually in July. You may bid as an individual, group, or business!

The MYLSF introduced a new program in 2021 to honor individuals who have dedicated themselves to the livestock industry and have had more than $1,000 contributed in their name to the MYLSF. When a contribution of $1,000 or more is given to the MYLSF in someone’s name that individual is honored, and their name is engraved on a plaque for display at the Michigan State University Pavilion. 

MYLSF Scholarship Information

The 2024 MYLSF Scholarship deadline for application is May 15, 2024.  Apply for this scholarship opportunity via the online 2024 MYLSF Scholarship Application.

Download the MYLSF Fact Sheet for eligibility information.

2023 MYLSF Scholarship Winners

$5,000 scholarship: Emma Challender of Corunna

$3,500 scholarship: Jordyn Chant of DeWitt; Natasha Bickel of North Branch; and Meah Palmatier of Williamston

$2,500 scholarship: Ness Benjamin of Webberville

$2,000 scholarship: Olivia Birchmeier of Durand; and Emily Mead of Sturgis

$1,500 scholarship: Madyson Garza of Palms; Caleb Tucker of Hopkins; Dalaney Bates of Sebewaing; Margaret Hartmann of Flint; and Kylee Mumford of Otter Lake

$1,000 scholarship: Brianna Stockwell of Dowagiac; Jacob Reif of Allen; Carlie Doehring of Mendon; Jena Bradley of Cassopolis; Samantha Armstrong of Gregory; Alissa Boersen of Zeeland

$500 scholarship: Kris Kosal of Deckerville; Breanne Reif of Allen; Ryder Greenman of Olivet; and Kate Stewart of Charlotte

$1,000 statewide scholarship: Cassidy Cashen of Muir; Olivia Black of Eagle; and London Eldridge of Stanton

$500 statewide scholarship: Tyler Zelinko of St. Charles

Contact Us

Michigan Youth Livestock Scholarship Fund (MYLSF)
PO Box 13295,
Lansing, MI 48901

Jeff Haarer

Mary Kelpinski