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Do my employees need to be MDARD certified pesticide applicators to apply sanitizers and disinfectants?

Maybe. For businesses not applying pesticides for hire, the answer depends on if the product you want to use is general use or restricted use; if the product is a ready-to-use pesticide; or, if applications could result in movement to surface or groundwater:

a) Application of a general ready-to-use pesticide (does not say “Restricted Use Pesticide” on the label and can be applied from its original container without any mixing or loading, such as an aerosol can):no certification is required.

b) Application of a “Restricted Use” pesticide:certification is always required.

c) Application of a general use, non-ready-to-use pesticide: Indoors, with no potential for movement to affect surface or groundwater: no certification is required. Potential for movement to affect surface or groundwater (typically outdoors, to cooling towers, or in ventilation system with discharge piping to exteriors):certification is required. For businesses applying pesticides for hire: If your business needs a PABL License (click here for additional information), then your employees need to be certified commercial applicators.