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How do I select a disinfectant correctly for SARS-CoV-2?

a) Locate products suitable for use against on EPA’s List N. Click here for additional information.

b) Ensure your application site and surface you want to treat are listed on the product label. For example, if you treat a bathroom fixture at a daycare, ensure both the daycare and directions for disinfecting hard, non-porous surfaces are listed on the label.

c) Ensure you use the correct set of instructions on the product label. Because labels may not yet specify the product can be used for COVID-19 disinfection, refer to List N again and look for the column titled “Follow the disinfection directions and preparation for the following virus”. For example, if “norovirus” is listed in that column, go back to the product label and locate general directions and any specific directions for norovirus disinfection.

d) Ensure the product remains visibly wet on the treated surface for the required amount of time as listed on the label. You may have to reapply if it dries before the time is up.

e) Ensure you wear required personal protective equipment (PPE) according to the product label and state minimum requirements (long sleeves, long pants, protective footwear, and impervious gloves).Talk with an inspector for more details.

f) If fogging, make sure fogging directions on the label are specific for hard surface disinfecting. In addition, a higher level of PPE with specific respirators and cartridge requirements may also be required.

For more information, view the webinar from the National Pest Management Association at