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Water Use Reporting Database Access

We have moved to a new water use reporting system for 2018 reporting and beyond. The old system and link are shut down and data has been migrated to a new system. Initial steps, however, must be taken to ensure that your data history will be assigned properly to your moved account.

The new system requires that you set-up new access which goes through the State's universal portal, MILogin - This enables you to access the WUR database and will also give you access to other departments/ programs in the State with which you may conduct business. An example might be the Department of Treasury or Secretary of State. Once you have set up access in the MILogin portal you will request for access to MDARD Water Use Reporting (WUR).

Please note that approval for access to WUR requires a real person. Depending on the time of the request, this approval is not instant and may take up to 24 hours. Once you receive an email notice of approval you will see the program appear when you re-enter MILogin.

Unless you are new user to water use reporting, you will need your legacy username and password to properly assign your data within the new system initially. Once this has happened your old username and password will no longer be relevant. If you've forgotten your old pass word you must contact MDARD ( to obtain a temporary one for this purpose.

People who have never reported water use before will set-up their access in MILogin and skip the migration process to set up their farm and pump information.

The tutorial provided in the link below will guide you through this new process. Note that there is one procedure for establishing MILogin access and another for linking to MDARD's Water Use Reporting database through MILogin.

Water Use Reporting Online Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)