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Dairy Manuals

The Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) has developed the following manuals to assist milk producers, milk haulers and milk processors in complying with the requirements of both the Grade A Milk Law of 2001 and the Manufacturing Milk Law of 2001.

  1. The Drug Residue Control and Educational Program, DY-323, (for new and established farms alike) is designed to be used as an educational and record keeping manual. It is also a requirement that it is completed prior to any new dairy producer receiving a permit and also for any dairy producer who has had a violative drug residue in the milk they offer for sale. The producer will complete the manual with the help of the local dairy inspector.
  2. The Drug Residue Screening Procedures Manual, DY-324, (for labs and the industry at large) is designed to provide all drug residue screening sites with instruction for screening procedures and forms to be used to record the screening information. In addition, supplemental documents from FDA are attached.
  3. The Summary of Requirements for Grade A Dairy Farm Milk Production In Michigan, DY-348, (for new and established farms) provides anyone interested in becoming a Grade A dairy producer a condensed summary of requirements.
  4. Summary of Requirements for Michigan Dairy Processing Plants, DY 378, (for new and established processing plants) provides anyone interested in becoming a processor in Michigan a condensed summary of requirements.
  5. The Milking Equipment Installer Manual, DY-349, (for new and established farms) is a compilation of facility construction and equipment installation requirements. It includes excerpts from several documents including the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance and 3-A Sanitary Standards and Practices. It is to be used to provide guidance to both dairy producers and dairy equipment installers.
  6. The Bulk Milk Hauler Training Manual, DY-360, (for haulers both new and established) is a training manual designed to provide the necessary background education for an individual to pass the Bulk Milk Hauler exam and become licensed and a bulk milk hauler/sampler. 


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