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State Milk Laboratory Evaluation Program

As Michigan's premier food safety guardian, the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development is responsible for protecting the safety and quality of the state's dairy supply. In fact, to fulfill the state's and dairy industry's responsibilities required for participation in the National Conference of Interstate Milk Shippers, which provides Michigan's $1.3 billion milk industry with an interstate market, milk samples must be examined in milk laboratories approved by MDARD's Milk Laboratory Evaluation Program.

The Milk Laboratory Evaluation Program evaluates and accredits milk laboratories throughout the state, and certifies analysts who examine milk supplies for interstate shipment. It also provides official laboratory testing results to state milk regulatory agencies.

On-site visits are made to determine if milk laboratories are producing reliable, valid and verifiable test data that can withstand court challenges in cases of adverse regulatory actions. Actual testing is also observed to assess the quality of official test results.

These official laboratory results are used to initiate corrective actions to reduce the potential of foodborne disease outbreaks from affecting consumers of Michigan milk and dairy products, thus assuring a high quality, safe and wholesome milk supply for Michigan residents and the residents of other states that import Michigan milk products. The activities of Michigan's Milk Laboratory Evaluation Program promote good laboratory practice in milk laboratories and provide officially designated laboratories required to analyze milk samples by the Grade A Pasteurized Milk Ordinance.

For further information, contact:

State Milk Laboratory Evaluation Officer
Paula Dankert