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Attention all motor fuel wholesalers, common carriers and tanker drivers in Michigan

Section 5(6) of the motor fuels quality act P.A. 44 of 1984 was amended effective July 7, 2006. The amendment makes it clear that:

  • The distributor or refiner is the responsible party in ensuring a retailer has a valid retail motor fuel license issued by the department prior to their engaging in a business transaction with them.
  • Tanker drivers no longer have to record the license number on the delivery documents prior to making a product delivery. 
  • The Distributor must still verify licensure at all their retail accounts prior to making a motor fuel delivery. Verification is necessary on or before the license expiration date of December 1 and when a station changes ownership.

A new owner of the retail motor fuel station who needs a license right away to sell motor fuel can contact the Department's Central Licensing Unit at 517 284-5771 for instructions on how to get the license expedited.

The Motor Fuels Quality Act can be referenced on the internet at Regulations 561-564 that govern licensing, labeling, gasoline quality and vapor pressure can be referenced on the internet at Information for retailers on maintaining gasoline quality is also available on the MDARD website under the licensing section.