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Credit Card Skimmers and Other Modified Weights and Measures Devices

Service Agency and Device Owner Responsibilities

Illegally modified weighing and measuring devices may result in overcharges to consumers or used for identity theft. The serious nature of these modifications is considered a Weights and Measures enforcement priority. Working together with operators and registered service agencies, we will better educate consumers and alert them to known violations.

The Weights and Measures act requires that an operator or service agent notify Weights and Measures of any illegal modification of a commercial weighing or measuring device. A person that intentionally modifies a commercial device may face penalties up to $20,000 per violation and felony charges.

What is expected from operators and service agencies, when a modified device is discovered?

First, take the device out of service but do not make any changes to the device (do not touch the skimmer).

Second, call Weights and Measures at 517-655-8202.

What should the operator or service agent expect to happen?

Weights and Measures will work onsite with both the operator and service agent, in the removal of the device modification. Working together will quickly return a proper device to service.

The serious consequences related to modified devices requires diligent oversight by Weights and Measures during any inspection and the cooperation of registered service agencies and device operators. Consumer Complaint Hotline: 800-632-3835

Gasoline Dispenser Credit Card Skimmer