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Place-In-Service Report Guidelines


The purpose of this Weights and Measures Advisory is to outline the guidelines for sending in the Place-in-Service Reports as required by the Weights and Measures Act.

Sec. 9b(9)(e) of the Act states that "…Within 5 business days after a device is restored to service or placed in service, the original of a properly executed placed-in-service report, together with any official rejection tag removed from the device, shall be mailed to the director."

The Place-in-Service Report provides information on devices returned to service after official condemnation (i.e. model types, serial numbers, device capacities, National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) Certificates of Conformance, and any other relevant information).

Although it is not mandatory, it is recommended that a copy of the Place-in-Service Report and a calibration report be left at the establishment at time of placing the device into service. This onsite documentation will eliminate the need for calls to our office and/or the service company in order for the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Inspectors to verify necessary information regarding the device in question during their investigations.

Guidelines for the Submission of Place-in-Service Reports

Under the following circumstances, Place-in-Service reports and the corresponding test reports are to be mailed within five working days to Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, 940 Venture Lane, Williamston, Michigan 48895:

  • A new device is being placed into service.
  • A device not currently being used commercially is being returned to commercial service.
  • A device is being returned to service after official rejection by a Weights and Measures Official (must include official rejection tag/seal).
  • A load cell, indicator, metering chamber or any metrologically significant component replaced.
  • A non-portable device is relocated and placed into service.
  • A device that is out of tolerance and is being brought back into tolerance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about "routine" maintenance?

Place-in-Service Reports will not normally be required for "routine" maintenance of commercial devices. The following actions may be considered "routine" maintenance:

  • Scale adjustment not involving the repair or replacement of a metrologically significant component (i.e. load cell, indicator, A/D converter, etc.)
  • Adjustments that are being performed on devices within the tolerance limits and are being adjusted merely to bring the device closer to "zero" error
  • Note: Routine maintenance does not include devices that are out of tolerance and are being brought back into tolerance. Adjustments of this magnitude will require Place in Service documentation.
  • Other similar activities subject to department evaluation.

What will the State of Michigan do with the Place-in-Service Reports?

The completed Place-in-Service Reports will be reviewed for timeliness, completeness, and accuracy. Reports will be randomly selected for quality control review that may involve a reinspection and/or field audit.

Why do I need to put capacity or flow rate information on the report?

This information is important to verify that tests conducted by servicepersons have been done properly and in accordance with NIST Handbook 44. For example, you may not utilize a five-gallon test measure to place a 50-gallon per minute meter into service. In addition, the Device Codes, located on the back of the Place-in-Service Report, are compared to the noted capacity to help verify the accuracy of the report.

Why do I need to put an NTEP Certificate of Conformance (COC) number in the report?

P.A. 283 requires that weighing devices manufactured or placed in service after January 1, 1988, and measuring devices manufactured or placed in service after November 1, 2002, must have a COC. Placing this number in the report helps verify that the serviceperson has installed the proper device for the application and provides the Weights and Measures official with important evaluation data in the event of device failure.

Where do I get the Place-In-Service Report Form?

Supplies of the reports are issued to servicepersons as they complete their registration requirements. You may also download the form here.

Where can I get more information about unique situations?

Contact MDARD's Weights and Measures Program at 517-655-8202.