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Place Into Service; Visible Leak

Service Registration Advisory

Michigan Weights and Measures condemnation “Visible Leak” and proper “Placing in Service”

In accordance with the Michigan Weights and Measures Act, P.A. 283 and pursuant to the requirements of the Service Registration Program, all commercial weighing and measuring devices must be sufficiently tested following a repair for that device to be properly placed into service. The test results and a properly completed place in service report are to be submitted to the Department for review within 5 days.

In review place in service reports submitted, it has been revealed that registered service persons repairing “leaking Retail Motor Fuel Dispensers” are not conducting an accuracy test and submitting test data (calibration report) with their place in service report. Improper or incomplete testing of these devices may result in the operator’s non-compliance regarding accuracy.

Registered Service Persons and the Agencies they represent are subject to penalties under the law when violations result from “non-testing” and improper “placing into service” a commercial device after condemnation by Michigan Weights and Measures for a visible leak.


A device type 10 was condemned by Michigan Weights and Measures for a “visible leak”. The repair was made by a registered service company; however, the device was not checked for accuracy. A place in service report was sent to the Department. A reinspection following the official rejection resulted in the device conforming to maintenance tolerances and not acceptance tolerance. The device is re-condemned.

G-T.1. Acceptance Tolerances

Acceptance tolerances shall apply to equipment: (c) that has been returned to commercial service following official rejection for failure to conform to performance requirements and is being officially tested for the first time within 30 days after corrective service.

Registered service technicians and agencies should take the necessary precautions to ensure proper tests are conducted, recorded and submitted to this office for review.

Rev. 07/15