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Checkout and Deli Scales

Here's a checklist to help you make sure you get what you pay for at the grocery store:

  1. Make sure you know the price per pound before you make your purchase.
  2. Make sure you can see the scale readout and the weighing process from where you are standing.
  3. Be sure the scale starts at zero or has a negative amount displayed.
  4. Make sure the numbers are easy to read, the scale appears in good shape and is suitable to weigh your purchase.
  5. Make sure the clerk doesn't place extraneous materials on or near the scale platform that could interfere with the weighing process or add weight to the product.
  6. Verify that the clerk enters the correct price per pound.
  7. Verify that the clerk is subtracting the weight of the packaging materials (paper boats, trays, bags, etc.). To verify, look for a "tare" light or a negative weight before weighing or ask the clerk. 
  8. Look for the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development blue foil seal to show the scale has been checked for compliance with all weights and measures requirements.
  9. Pay for the product, not the package! If no tare is taken, or is not taken properly, ask to have the product weighed again.
  10. If you experience a problem with a checkout or deli scale weight, call MDARD's Weights and Measures Program at 517-655-8202.