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Michigan's Cannabis Industry and the state's Weights and Measures Law

Michigan's Cannabis Industry (including hemp, marihuana, and all cannabis products) and the state's Weights and Measures Law

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development's Weights and Measures Program works to ensure that all products sold by weight, measure or count contain the declared amount, including items sold both in bulk or pre-packaged. This program also administers the Service Registration Program which includes agencies and technicians who install, calibrate, and repair commercial weighing and measuring devices. The Michigan Weights and Measures Law, Public Act 283 of 1964, is enforced by the program's staff.

What does this mean for Michigan's Cannabis industry? This means that individuals and companies need to make sure they are using the correct scales and are accurately filling packages being offered for sale. MDARD's Weights and Measures staff can offer guidance in a variety of areas, including legal for trade weighing devices, packaging and labeling requirements, quantity assurance programs, and overall compliance assistance. MDARD will also provide training upon request.

Commercial scales:

Legal for Trade scales allow for the selling of products by weight, in accordance with state law and the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) Certification. This ensures the highest level of accuracy in weight-based transactions.

o Michigan Law requires all commercial devices have a valid NTEP certificate of conformance (COC or CC).

All commercial scales require calibration tests from MDARD's Weights and Measures Program or a Michigan Registered Service Company prior to initial use.

o Registered Service Companies are available online at

Owners of a commercial scale do not have the authority to install, calibrate or seal the device unless they are also a Michigan Registered Service Company.

When buying a scale, begin by looking at the range of weighing (minimum and maximum), the division (increment) size and the suitability that will meet your business needs.

o Suitability means a scale with a resolution and capacity to meet the needs of your business and has a load receiving element (platform) of adequate size.

Questions? Contact

Robert DeRubeis, MDARD's Weights and Measures Program Manager