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Training Opportunities

Do You Need a Speaker for an Upcoming Meeting?

Are You Planning an Industry Workshop and Need Professional Presenters?

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development's Weights and Measures Program now offers professional speakers and trainers for industry events and training seminars. Staff is available to assist you with your training or speaking needs. In support of our "proactive" philosophy, various presentations or hands-on training opportunities are available. Presentations can also be tailored to meet your needs.

Programs Currently Available:

Michigan Weights and Measures Program Overview

 A general review of requirements of state law, including discussion of the Service Registration Program.

Recommended Audience: 

All industry and consumer groups.

Why Accurate Weights and Measures is "Good Business"

A discussion of real world examples involving buying and selling products via weight, measure, or count. Learn the dollar and cents of incorrect packaging, inaccurate devices, and what is at stake for your firm's reputation.

Recommended Audience:

All industry groups, service personnel, and individuals interested in starting a business.

Packaging the Accurate Way

A review of the specific requirements involved with the packaging of commodities in Michigan. Topics covered will include basic labeling requirement, the importance of lot codes, the need for a quality assurance program and how to implement a program.

Recommended Audience:

Any person involved with the packaging of commodities by weight, measure, or count. Or those responsible for program oversight.

MDARD's Service Registration Program

Learn about the program, its intent, how it works, and why it is working in Michigan. Discussion will involve all aspects of the program from application and testing to the required documentation and submission of Placed in Service Reports. Learn about the legal liability faced by operator and service agency, with case studies provided.

Recommended Audience:

Any person involved in or interested in the Service Registration Program, including those responsible for developing maintenance programs.

How to Buy Right?

Whether you are buying for yourself, your family, or your firm, learn that there are things you can do that will help ensure you get what you pay for. Discussion will include: the importance of reviewing labels and receipts; what tare is and why you get it.; learn the difference between legal methods of sale and non-legal methods; buying via the Internet; making bulk purchases or home deliveries; and how to ask the questions first. Participants will be instructed on how to check their own packages and who to contact when something may be incorrect.

Recommended Audience:

Industry personnel and consumer groups.

Device Calibration (Meters and/or Scales)

Discuss what is required to comply with state law. A review of suitability, method of sale, maintenance and state inspections will be conducted.

Recommended Audience:

Device owners, operators, service personnel, and industry marketing personnel.

Non-Compliance and What To Do Next?

Review the process involved with a state inspection; learn your rights and those of the State Inspector. Understand what options there are when non-compliant situations are revealed, and learn how to resolve the matter in an efficient manner.

Recommended Audience:

All industry groups and corporate representatives.

Act 15 the Shopping Reform and Modernization Act

Discuss Michigan's requirements for price advertising, as well as how the law was written to protect consumers from scanner errors.

Recommended Audience:

Industry managers and consumer groups.

Any person with interest in professional speakers and trainers offered through the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development's Weights and Measures Program should contact the Weights and Measures Program at 517-655-8202 ext. 304.