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ExamNet Measured Self Inventory (MSI) Program Rollout

The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) has rolled out a Measured Self Inventory (MSI) program for licensed grain dealers. The program utilizes ExamNet software. Measured Self Inventory is useful to dealers for managing and identifying trends in grain quality, reconciling inter-company transfers, identifying grain theft, and satisfying lenders. Regulators can save more than half of their on-site time spent on audits each year through spot-checks and audits of dealer records conducted by MDARD staff. See Measured Self Inventory (MSI) Program Rollout for more information.

How To Install ExamNet

Please contact Denise Studders, MDARD, at 517-256-1882 or by email at to receive the password and the facilities file to be loaded. You will also receive a bin worksheet of your facility that lists all bins and the dimensions; this should be reviewed for accuracy. If any dimensions are different or bins need to be added or removed, please let us know and we'll change our file. Follow the directions below.

Step 1: Download ExamNet

  1. Go to
  2. On the left side of the screen click on "ExamNet full install"
  3. Follow the directions from the website.

Step 2: Load a Project

A project file containing your facility's grain storage information will be emailed by MDARD; the file should be saved to the computer.

  1. Open ExamNet (a shortcut will appear on your desktop)
  2. Check the box Log on as SysWide
  3. Click Logon
  4. Go to File > Open Project
  5. Search and select the project file
  6. Go to File > Groups/Facilities
  7. Enter 'MI' in the section that says 'state located in'
  8. Click on Log on (at top of screen) to get back to the main log on screen
  9. You can then follow the directions in the ExamNet User Guide.

Contact Information

For further information on how to download, update, and/or use ExamNet, please contact Denise Studders at 517-256-1882, or Dominic Perrone at 517-202-1885,