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Commercial Net-Pen Aquaculture: Science, Regulatory and Economic Reviews

In December 2014, two concept proposals for possible commercial net-pen aquaculture operations in the Great Lakes – one for northern Lake Michigan, one for northern Lake Huron – came to the attention of the Michigan departments of Agriculture and Rural Development, Natural Resources, and Environmental Quality. Together, with assistance and support from several internal and external experts, the three agencies began a thoughtful, structured evaluation of commercial net-pen aquaculture in the Great Lakes, focused on four areas: regulations, science, economics and public input.

Five reviews have been completed, including one science-based report exploring fish health and water quality; one report looking at applicable regulations, rules, jurisdictions and agreements; and three separate evaluations of the potential economic impact of commercial net-pen aquaculture in the Great Lakes. 

Synthesis Report Regarding Net-pen Aquaculture in the Great Lakes - March 9, 2016

Science-based review

Regulations-based review

Economics-based reviews