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Fish Health

Aquaculture species, like any other livestock species, are susceptible to disease. In addition to being a risk for wild, native species, health issues on aquaculture farms are one of the most significant causes of economic loss for the industry. Using good management practices, including adhering to safe biosecurity principles, is the best way to safeguard fish health on your farm.


Below is a list of resources which may be helpful to you in keeping your farmed fish healthy:

Michigan Reportable Animal Disease List  

List of Aquaculture Veterinarians

Interactive Map for Aquaculture Veterinarians

MSU Aquatic Animal Health Laboratory (AAHL)

USDA Aquaculture Health Website

American Fisheries Society (AFS) Fish Health Section, Blue Book

Best Management Practices for Aquaculture in Wisconsin and Great Lakes Region

Biosecurity for Aquaculture Facilities in the North Central Region (NCRAC)

US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Aquatic Animal Health Program


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