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Michigan Registered Service Person/Agency Details & FAQ

Expires: Bi-annually
Fee: $300 fee per service agency, $100 per service person.
Contact: 517-655-8202 ext. 304
Forms: Service Person/Agency Application Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Needs to be Registered?

Any service agency and or individuals employed to install or repair weighing and/or measuring devices in the State of Michigan. (i.e. scales, meters) and wishes to legally "place in service" the device for "commercial" use. Pursuant to the Michigan Weights and Measures Law P.A. 283 of 1964 as amended.

What Fees Are Required?

A $300.00 fee per service agency (if multiple branch office exist) and $100.00 per service person. Each is renewed every two years.

How Do I Apply For Registration?

Application forms and detailed instructions for both service agency and person can be found at under the heading of Service Registration.

Completed forms and fees are to be mailed two weeks prior to test date to:

E.C. Heffron Metrology Laboratory
940 Venture Lane
Williamston, MI 48895

Do I Need To Submit Any Other Documents With My Application And Fees?

Yes, if you are the owner/operator of a service agency, you must also provide copies of certifications for all field standards (test equipment) intended for use. Certifications must be from an accredited National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) laboratory.

What If My Field Standards Are Not Currently Certified?

No agency or person can become or maintain registration without the proper certification of field standards?

Do I Have To Take An Exam?

Yes, all applicants (service persons) must schedule to take a minimum of three exams:

  1. The Michigan Weights and Measures Law ;
  2. NIST Handbook 44;
  3. Specific Device Code (ex. Retail Motor Fuel Dispenser, Vehicle Scale, etc.).

A passing score of 80% is required.

How Often Are the Exams Offered And Where Are They Given?

The exams are typically offered other month, and testing is conducted at the E.C. Heffron Metrology Laboratory located in the city of Williamston. Information regarding current testing dates and location can be found at under the heading of Service Registration.

Do I Need To Retake Exams Each Time I Renew My Registration?

No, all passing scores remain current throughout the 2 year period of registration. However, all service persons must retake all applicable exams every 4 years per State of Michigan law. A person who allows a registration to lapse for an extended period of time may be required at the discretion of the Weight and Measures Administrator, to retest.

What If An Employee Changes Companies?

It is the responsibility of the Service Agency to notify the Office of Weights and Measures immediately when a register service person is no longer employed under the registration of a particular agency. It is also, the responsibility of the individual Registered Service Person to contact the Office of Weights and Measures to provide information required to update the individual registration and to ensure that the registration remains current.


For general information related to Weights and Measures and or the requirements of the Service Registration Program, call 517-655-7221.