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Bulk Storage Registration Requirements

Who needs to register?

For 2019, MDARD is requiring all bulk storage firms to register as if they are a new firm. Please refer to Regulations 640 - Commercial Bulk Pesticide Storage, and 641 - Commercial Bulk Fertilizer Storage. Look to rule 2 in each law:  R 285.640.2 and R 285.641.2 Storage facility registration. All information regarding rule 2 in the two regulations must be present in the application, and missing any details are in violation of the rule.

If you plan to cancel your registration, check the "No Longer Needed" box at the top of the form and include a brief explanation.

In addition, if your facility is considering new containment or structural changes to a secondary or operational containment area in 2019, please attach information on the proposed project.

Email the complete application in PDF format to:

Each new, existing, and proposed commercial pesticide and/or fertilizer bulk storage facility is required to register annually with the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development.

What is considered Bulk?

Bulk Pesticide:

  1. > 55 gallons individual quantity
  2. > 100 lbs individual quantity 
  • includes minibulks
  • includes solutions and rinsates 

Minibulk Pesticide:

  • Undivided quantity ranging from 55 to 400 gallons

Bulk Fertilizer:

  1. > 2,500 gallons individual quantity
  2. > 7,500 gallons combined total
  3. > 2,000 lbs individual quantity
  • includes solutions and rinsates 

What does it cost to be registered?

There is no fee required to register.

How do I apply for a registration?

Download the fillable forms to your computer hard drive, fill them out completely, save them, and attach the 3 forms and your site plan to an email with your company name and bulk storage in the subject line. 

There are 4 parts to the registration process:

  1. Agrichemical Storage Facility Registration Application
  2. Agrichemical Bulk Storage Registration Package Check-off List
  3. Pesticide Bulk Storage Facility Summary - Inspection Recordkeeping Requirements Check-Off List
  4. Site Plan

Follow the directions on pages 2-3 of the application for specific information about each part. Use the Agrichemical Bulk Storage Registration - Registration Package Check-Off List as a guide to make sure all of the proper items are submitted to MDARD.

Email or mail the completed 4 parts listed above to or mail to:

Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development
Central Licensing Unit
1615 S. Harrison Rd.
East Lansing, MI 48823

What kinds of records need to be kept on file at the facility?

A registered facility is required to keep an updated copy of their registration packet and discharge response plan on site. Each storage facility also needs to keep inspection and maintenance records. Use the Pesticide Bulk Storage Facility Summary - Inspection Recordkeeping Requirements Check-Off List as a guide for the fertilizer and pesticide recordkeeping requirements.

When do Bulk Storage Registrations expire?

All registrations expire on December 31 and must be renewed on a yearly basis.

How do I renew my Bulk Storage Registration?

A renewal application will be emailed to     

What should I do if there are changes in company, ownership, name, or address?

Any change in the ownership of a firm that is registered will require an application for a new registration. Firms with a change of name and/or address will need to email written notification to so records can be updated accordingly.