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Commercial Fertilizer Program Staff

For questions related to the Commercial Fertilizer Program regarding license applications, registrations of fertilizer products, the status of an application, tonnage questions or tonnage reporting forms, the following program staff members are available to assist you:

Lorelei Curry, Departmental Technician
Phone: 517-284-5751
Fax: 517-241-4640

Jarrod Fletcher, Fertilizer and Bulk Agrichemical Storage Unit Manager
Phone: 517-449-2635

Keith Baur, Fertilizer and Bulk Agrichemical Storage Specialist
Phone: 517-898-8185

Josh Grant, Departmental Technician
Phone: 517-614-1606

Fertilizer-related questions or complaints may also be directed to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Pesticide and Plant Pest Management Division at 800-292-3939.