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Liming License Details & FAQ

Liming Material is defined as "all or any form of limestone, lime rock, marl, slag, by-product lime, industrial or factory refuse lime, water softener lime, and any other material manufactured, prepared, sold or distributed primarily to correct soil acidity."

Frequently Asked Questions

    • All agricultural liming materials manufactured or distributed in Michigan must be licensed with the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) by the manufacturer/distributor.
    • A distributor is not required to obtain a license if they are selling liming materials of a manufacturer/distributor that is already licensed and the principle mailing address of the licensed manufacturer/distributor appears on the labeling.
    • A $20.00 license fee is required for all or any part of a calendar year. All liming licenses expire on December 31st and must be renewed on a yearly basis. Renewal applications are sent out in November.
  • A copy of the label or invoice statement must be submitted when applying for a liming license. The label/invoice must contain the following information:

    • The net weight (volume if material not sold on a scale weight basis)
    • Product name
    • Name and address of manufacturer or distributor
    • Minimum neutralizing value in terms of calcium carbonate
    • Degree of fineness expressed as minimum percentage passing through an 8-mesh, 60-mesh, and 100-mesh screen

    Note: Marl and refuse lime materials (sugar factory, paper mill, carbide, water treatment, mater softener, wood ash, etc.) do not need to state the degree of fineness on the label/invoice. Instead, the minimum neutralizing value may be identified as "X" lbs per cubic yard (expressed as calcium carbonate equivalent).

    • Any change in the ownership of a licensed firm will require an application and fee for a new license.
    • Companies with a change of name and/or address will need to send written notification to MDARD so records can be updated accordingly.
    • Download and print a copy of the Agricultural Liming License Application or contact 517-284-5751.
    • Complete an application for each product, include a copy of the product label or invoice, attach your check or money order made out to the State of Michigan and mail it to:

    Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development
    Pesticide & Plant Pest Management Division
    Specialty Fertilizers/Bulk Storage Section
    P.O. Box 30017
    Lansing, MI 48909