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Pesticide Notification Registry Information for Businesses

This information complements the contact list of persons requiring notification due to medical conditions as required by Act 451, Part 83 Pesticide Control and the rules promulgated thereunder.  

The annual contact list and access code for accessing the associated address list are mailed on March 15 to licensed firms that apply pesticides in the following categories: 3A-turfgrass, 3B-ornamental. 

Notification to persons on the registry shall take place before the application by any one of the following methods: 

  1. Telephone notification to the contact person on the registry one business day prior to a pesticide application. If telephone notification is unsuccessful, the applicator must leave specific written notification information at the residence of the person on the registry (applicant), at the time of application, or 
  2. Written notification that is delivered in person, not less than 24-hours before application, to the residence of the listed contact person and left at the main entrance to the residence, or 
  3. The applicator may obtain written authorization from the contact person for alternate methods of notification. This agreement must be signed by both parties. 

Oral and written notification shall include the following:  

  1. Name, address, and telephone number of the commercial applicator or firm that makes the application; 
  2. Anticipated date and approximate time of the application;
  3. Location (address) of the application;  
  4. The name of the pesticide active ingredient or ingredients being applied.

If the initial application date is postponed, new notification must be issued before the next application.

If you require the access code, please contact Tammy Martin at 517-243-5680 or

Relevant rules and regulations (specifically Act 451, Part 8316(b) and Regulation 637, Rule 5) can be found on the Pesticide Laws and Regulations page