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Hemp FOIA Requests

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Hemp FOIA Requests

FOIA and Hemp Laws

Michigan's hemp law provides security and privacy of hemp growing locations by exempting specific information from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). This legal requirement prohibits the department from releasing any information received from hemp grower applicants on their applications. However, recognizing the business need to connect hemp growers and processors, the updated Industrial Hemp Growers Act, Public Act 220 of 2020, as amended, allows hemp grower registration applicants to provide consent to having their contact information released. Once consent is provided, only applicant names, telephone numbers, and email addresses can be shared by MDARD. In addition, that information can only be provided to other registered growers, licensed hemp processors, or marijuana processors licensed under the medical marijuana facilities licensing act, Public Act 281 of 2016 (through Michigan's Cannabis Regulatory Agency, CRA). 

Please contact the Cannabis Regulatory Agency for information regarding licensed hemp processor-handlers.

With the exception of law enforcement and the licensed entities described above, MDARD is prohibited by law from disclosing grower application information to the general public or any other non-authorized entity. If you are unable to obtain hemp grower contact information, MDARD encourages you to connect with others via Michigan hemp industry associations, educational seminars, and other training and networking opportunities. Start by checking out other groups listed on our website under Additional Resources

FOIA Request

If you are interested in receiving a list of registered hemp growers, please review the prior section, "FOIA and Hemp Laws" before submitting your request. MDARD is prohibited by law from releasing grower information unless MDARD received their consent, and the requestor is an authorized licensee.

If you are an authorized party and would like to file a FOIA request, you can find more information here on how to submit a FOIA request via email, mail, or online form.