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Hemp Forms

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Hemp Forms



Hemp Grower Registration Application 

How to include Map Information with your Grower Application 

Site Modification Form

Request for Industrial Hemp Preharvest or Remediation Sampling Form

Notice of Hemp Grower's Intent to Dispose Form  /  Michigan Cannabis Lot Disposal Options

Request to Participate in Performance-Based Sampling Form  Complete this form in addition to the Request for Industrial Hemp Preharvest or Remediation Sampling Form if you would like to participate in performance-based sampling, are not a college or university researcher, and are growing any of the qualifying crop types.  See Performance-Based Sampling Options for Hemp for details.

FBI Background Checks

Michigan’s hemp cultivation law requires each applicant and key participant to submit FBI background check reports (also called “Identity History Summaries”) to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development with their new or renewal hemp registration application. The report must be dated within 60 days of the application date. This is an annual requirement. 

For more information on how to obtain fingerprints and the background check report, visit the FBI website. Once you have obtained prints, you can complete the FBI application and send it with payment to the FBI by following directions on their website.


You will need to obtain a new fingerprint card each time you apply to the FBI for a background check. Check with your local post office or police station to see if they can provide this service and mail a hard copy of your prints to the FBI.  The Michigan State Police Live Scan Agencies website may assist you.  

Call your local post office or police station to confirm:

  • If an appointment is needed 
  • Cost
  • Accepted forms of identification
  • If a hard copy of your prints meeting  FBI specifications will be provided
  • That an Agency ID Number is not required. If an Agency ID Number is required, explain you are applying to the FBI to personally receive a copy of your report. MDARD does not have an Agency ID Number.

FBI Channelers 

You may choose to work with an FBI-Approved Channeler—a private business contracted with the FBI to submit a request on your behalf.  An FBI-Approved Channeler could help speed up the delivery of your background check.  

FBI-Approved Channelers:

  • Receive your fingerprint submission and relevant data
  • Collect the fee(s)
  • Forward your fingerprint submission with the necessary information to the FBI for an Identity History Summary 
  • Receive the background check report and share it with you

You may have to pay an additional fee to use a channeler. Contact the channeler for costs, processing times, availability in your area, and ability to collect fingerprints to mail to the FBI with the application for a background check to be issued to you. If you are interested in using a channeler, the channeler can provide you with complete information and instructions. FBI-approved channelers can be found here.

Key Participants

Remember, all key participants must provide a background check report. A key participant is defined as a person that has a direct or indirect financial interest in the person or business growing hemp or a person in a corporate entity at an executive level that is regularly responsible for decision making impacting the growing of industrial hemp. A key participant includes, but is not limited to, a sole proprietor, partner, an individual with executive managerial control, executive officer, chief operating officer, chief financial officer, and similar roles. Key participants do not include positions such as farm, field, or shift managers.