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PHOTO RELEASE: MDARD Director Gary McDowell Highlights Consumer Protections that Puts Michiganders First this Holiday Season

He also visited Andy Mast Greenhouse to see how local agricultural businesses prepare for increased holiday demand

For immediate release: December 2, 2021

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – Yesterday, Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) Director Gary McDowell visited a local Speedway gas station to showcase how MDARD’s Laboratory Division helps safeguard Michiganders at the pump every day.

“One of MDARD’s key goals is ensuring Michiganders are getting both the quality and quantity of the gas they’re buying. Michigan has a more than 95 percent compliance rate in terms of pump accuracy, and we appreciate those stations who continue to put customers first,” said McDowell. “Our Laboratory Division’s Weights and Measures Program regulates the sale of motor fuel and prevents economic harm by looking for credit card skimmers and ensuring pumps are accurate. MDARD employees are committed to making sure Michiganders are protected, especially this holiday season.”

Across the state, MDARD's Weights and Measures inspectors make sure gasoline pumps are working correctly so when consumers purchase a gallon of gasoline, they are getting what they pay for.

Additionally, while in Grand Rapids, Director McDowell visited Andy Mast Greenhouse. The Mast family has grown plants for four generations and is well known for their poinsettias around the holiday season.

"Local agricultural companies are such an important aspect for Michiganders who are celebrating the holiday season, from fresh-cut Christmas trees to poinsettias. We have it all right here in Michigan," added McDowell. "I'm thankful for Andy Mast Greenhouses for being a part of Michigan's hardworking food and agricultural industry. They have been making the holidays special by providing poinsettias to families across Michigan and beyond for years."

Andy Mast Greenhouses are located in Grand Rapids, Muskegon, and Holland. They offer a wide variety of bulbs, spring plants, mums, poinsettias, and more to resellers and retail outlets throughout the United States.

Andy Mast uses the latest techniques and equipment to conserve water, use clean, renewable energy, apply only responsible forms of pest control, and actively practice recycling techniques throughout their facilities.

Director McDowell continues to travel across Michigan to express support and commitment to businesses that are an integral part of Michigan’s food and agriculture industry and learn more about their current challenges and how MDARD can assist. 

Photo 1: Director McDowell visits Speedway gas station in Grand Rapids

Photo 2: Director McDowell visits Speedway gas station in Grand Rapids

Photo 3: Director McDowell visits Andy Mast Greenhouse in Grand Rapids