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MDARD Reminds Drivers, Visitors to be Vigilant with Bank, Credit Account Monitoring Over the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend

Lansing, MI – With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) is urging consumers, drivers, and visitors to remain vigilant throughout the holiday for potential credit card skimming. Credit card skimmers cannot be seen outside the gas pump. These devices are located inside the pump where they steal the consumer’s credit/debit card information.

“These criminals continue to try and use gas pumps to commit theft and steal your personal information,” said MDARD Director Gary McDowell. “Our weights and measures staff work diligently inspecting gas pumps across Michigan to protect consumer’s wallets.”

“One security measure some stations have in place to protect their patrons is pressure sensitive security tape,” added Craig VanBuren, MDARD’s Lab Division Director. “Unfortunately, thieves will cut, break, or remove the tape and the damage to the tape isn’t always seen by consumers when filling up their tank. It is important stations and customers stay vigilant at the pump both over the holiday season and beyond.”

MDARD continues to work with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and local law enforcement, who are the lead agencies on these investigations, to try track down the thieves. The department will continue to look for skimmers during every routine pump inspection.

If you believe your information may have been compromised, please contact your banking institution immediately.

Editor’s note: here is the video from a June 16, 2022 gas inspection event:

Here is the video of how MDARD inspectors look for credit card skimmers:

Credit Card Skimming Safety at the Pump


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