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PHOTO RELEASE: MDARD Acting Director Kathy Angerer Tours Michigan Turkey Producers Cooperative & Joins McDonald’s in an ‘Best Egg Cracking Competition’ to Celebrate Michigan Food and Agriculture Month

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) Acting Director Kathy Angerer today toured the  Michigan Turkey Producers Cooperative in Grand Rapids and continued celebrating Michigan Food and Agriculture Month by participating in an egg cracking contest hosted by McDonald’s in Ionia.  

“Farmers, processors, and suppliers across the state of Michigan take tremendous pride in their work to help feed our families,” said Angerer. “From here in Ionia, to the Upper Peninsula, and everywhere in between, the care, commitment, and passion our farmers have for the quality of product they produce for Michiganders is on display in any restaurant or grocery store you visit.”

All of the eggs served in McDonald’s restaurants in Michigan come from Herbruck's Poultry Ranch in Saranac. In 2021, the McDonald’s system purchased 56 million dozen eggs from Herbruck’s and $162 million in raw supplies from Michigan producers.

“Michigan egg, chicken, and turkey farmers are committed to providing safe, high-quality, and nutritious food for consumers. Today highlights the importance of our industry and what food and agriculture mean to our state,” said Dr. Nancy Barr, Executive Director at Michigan Allied Poultry Industries. “Michigan Allied Poultry Industries is proud to work alongside MDARD to ensure the advancement and prosperity of Michigan’s thriving poultry industry.”

The Michigan Turkey Producers Cooperative (MTP) was founded as a cooperative in 1998 by 15 growers who wanted to bring their birds to market locally. The vertically integrated cooperative sells 45 percent of its products at the food service level, while 40 percent of its sales are at the retail level. The remaining 15 percent are export sales.

For the past 25 years, MTP provides nutritious, good-tasting, quality turkey products by growing, processing, and delivering a consistent, reliable, value-added commodity source for industrial food service and retail customers.

“Michigan is home to 53 turkey farmers, who work incredibly hard to create a safe and quality source of protein for Michiganders and local businesses in the food service industry,” added Angerer. “Our farmers produce high-quality food and help support and maintain Michigan’s food supply chain. Governor Whitmer’s executive budget recommendation highlights her commitment to make sure that Michigan is the place to be when it comes to our growing food and agriculture industry.” 

Throughout 2023, MDARD will meet with Michigan's food and agricultural businesses to discuss how they can continue to succeed and how the department can best assist their continuous growth and expansion.






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