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MDARD Launches #GiveMIThanks Campaign, Celebrating Michigan’s Thriving Food and Agriculture Industry

Michiganders asked to help share gratitude, thanks to kick off the holiday season

LANSING, Mich. - Today, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) launched #GiveMIThanks, a campaign recognizing and expressing thankfulness for our food and agriculture industry in Michigan as we approach Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

For food to be on our kitchen tables, it takes a village. Maybe it’s a classic stuffing recipe or the special cranberry sauce that is the hallmark of your family meal. Or the perfect pumpkin pie or any of the food tastes and smells immediately taking you to a favorite holiday memory. Those tasty dishes are the product of hard work by the nation’s farmers and producers, truckers, processors, grocery stores, food safety inspectors and more.

“I’m proud to be from a six-generation farm in Michigan. Being a part of Michigan’s food and agriculture sector is gratifying and incredibly rewarding. When you produce your food or food for others, you become more acutely aware of where your food is coming from,” said MDARD Director Tim Boring. “Our farmers in Michigan work hard 24/7 to produce the food that feeds our families. So, this holiday season, as we gather around the table with friends and family, give thanks to the farmers, and everyone who had a hand in getting your food from a farm to your plate.”  

The #GiveMIThanks will be featured across MDARD’s social media platforms throughout November, encouraging Michiganders to give thanks to all parts of our food and agriculture industry who help to ensure the holiday season is a success.