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Michigan’s Corn Producers to Vote on Corn Marketing Program Amendment

Ballots to be mailed on January 16

LANSING – Michigan’s corn producers will be able to vote on a program amendment under the Agricultural Commodities Marketing Act (1965 PA 232, as amended), Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development (MDARD) announced today.

The Corn Marketing Program of Michigan provided MDARD petitions with more than 200 signatures requesting an amendment to the current program increasing the assessment by $0.01 per bushel to a total of $0.02 per bushel of Michigan corn sold. The additional funding would be invested in research, marketing, promotion, and education to increase the profitability of Michigan’s corn producers. A copy of the proposal is available on MDARD’s website.

The Corn Marketing Program of Michigan was established in 1993 to enhance the economic position of Michigan corn growers by providing for growth and expansion of the corn industry in the state through foreign and domestic market development, promotion, and research to stimulate the demand for corn.

The referendum will be held between January 22 through February 2, 2024.  Ballots will be mailed by MDARD to corn producers on Monday, January 16, 2024. Ballots must be returned or postmarked by February 2, 2024, to be counted. Eligible producers with questions, or those not receiving a ballot, should contact MDARD toll-free at 800-292-3939 or e-mail

For the amendment to pass, more than 50 percent of the producer votes cast, representing more than 50 percent of the bushels represented on the cast ballots, must approve it. Each producer, partnership, or corporation is entitled to one vote for this referendum. 


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