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Laboratory and Consumer Protection Bureau Celebrates ‘Weights and Measures’ Week

The State’s Weights & Measures Program is committed to ensuring Michiganders are getting what they pay for, keeping more money in consumer’s wallets

LANSING, MICH - Each day, as commerce moves and consumers shop, a lesser-known program housed within the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) ensures weights and measures devices used by retailers function correctly. The Weights and Measures program within MDARD’s Laboratory and Consumer Protection Bureau works diligently to ensure a fair playing field within Michigan’s economy.

"Every Michigander deserves to know they're getting fair value for their goods and products," said MDARD Director Tim Boring. "At MDARD, our team works incredibly hard to ensure accuracy in the marketplace. While much of this work occurs daily behind the scenes, our staff is present all across the state. Their efforts keep hard earned dollars in the pockets of Michigan consumers."  

Weights and Measures Week is celebrated nationally every year from March 1 to 7 to commemorate President John Adams signing the first U.S. weights and measures legislation into law on March 2, 1799.

MDARD’s Weights and Measures program is responsible for everything sold by weight, count, or measure. Inspectors verify everything from the accuracy of gas pumps and grocery scales to the content of the packages that consumers purchase.

Inspectors across the country, including here in Michigan, have been verifying and testing scales and meters and the net contents of packaged goods for many, many years. Making sure those meet standards ensures Michiganders are getting what they pay for regardless of what it is they’re buying. It may seem routine, but it is a constant challenge to keep pace with new technology and marketing practices.  

“With spring right around the corner, MDARD also checks for items of particular interest to consumers this time of year, like bags of mulch and soil,” said Craig VanBuren, MDARD’s Laboratory and Consumer Protection Bureau Director. “And, of course, let’s not forget the gallon of gas you buy for your lawnmower. Or, the items you scan at the store. Our inspectors work daily to ensure Michiganders get what they’re paying for every time.”   

Consumers with concerns about any advertisement, purchase, service, or transaction based on weight, measure, or count may call 800-632-3835 to register a complaint.


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