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Michigan Carrot Growers Vote to Support Marketing Program

LANSING — Michigan's carrot producers have voted to continue the Michigan Carrot Industry Development Program. The program will continue for an additional five years, ending July 7, 2029.

A total of four valid ballots were cast in the referendum. Three producers voted yes to continue the Michigan Carrot Industry Development program, representing 99 percent of the pounds; and one producer voted no, representing one percent of the pounds. For the program to be renewed, more than 50 percent of the producer votes cast, representing more than 50 percent of the total unit of measure represented on the cast ballots, must support renewal.

The Michigan Carrot Industry Development Program was designed to improve the economic position of the state s carrot producers by supporting and creating greater marketing opportunities through crop and market information, advertising, promotion, and research. The program was established in September 1998, with assessment collection beginning in July 1999. By law, it must be resubmitted for grower approval every five years.


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