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Locate in Michigan and Get Growing!

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Locate in Michigan and Get Growing!

Michigan’s success in food processing, agribusiness, forest products and the craft beverage sectors are evident by the major global companies that have located here and continue to expand in the mitten state. Michigan’s access to the worlds largest supply of fresh water and unparalleled talent makes it a prime location for companies who are seeking to access major population centers and tap into Michigan diverse agriculture industry. Learn more about Michigan's agriculture and food processing industries in this brochure.
Michigan Department of Agriculture is growing local businesses internationally

Food and Agriculture Investment Program

The Michigan Food and Agriculture Investment Program (FAIP) provides financial support to expand and accelerate food and agriculture processing activities to grow the industry in Michigan. Projects are selected based on their impact to the overall agriculture industry and their impact to food and agriculture growth and investment in Michigan. See how the FAIP's impacted Michigan's food and agriculture industries.

Michigan Economic Development Corporation

The Michigan Economic Development Corporation works closely with companies seeking to relocate and/or expand their operations to a site here in Michigan. Learn how Michigan's strong and diverse workforce, coupled with Michigan's unparalleled environment, can drive your business further.