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Food Processing & Agribusiness

Locate in Michigan and Get Growing!

Michigan’s food and agribusiness industry employs more than 805,000 people, accounts for over 17% of Michigan’s total manufacturing employment, making it the second-largest industry in the state.

The mitten state is home to over 2,000 food and agribusiness companies who contribute $104.7 billion to the economy every year. Companies are attracted to our robust supply chain, ample water supply, and the unique combination of resources for the food and beverage processing industry.

A Large and Diverse Food and Beverage Processing Ecosystem

Michigan offers a diverse ecosystem of partners and suppliers for the food processing and agribusiness sector, including packagers, transporters and warehouses, and cold storage.

Top product categories include:

  • Dairy
  • Baked Goods
  • Craft Beverages
  • Processed Fruits and Vegetables
  • Processed Meat and Seafood
  • Savory Snacks

Wide Range of Agricultural Diversity

Michigan is a leader in agricultural production.

Michigan is an agricultural powerhouse with more than 48,000 farms and 10 million cultivated acres. Innovative Michigan farmers focus on sustainability, transparency, and regenerative growing practices.

Michigan is one of the most diverse states in the nation for agriculture while being home to 20% of the world's surface freshwater.

Agricultural products include:

Alfalfa Cherries Grapes Potatoes
Apples Corn Hardwoods Soybeans
Asparagus Cucumbers Hogs Sugar Beets
Black Beans Eggs Milk Turkeys
Blueberries Floriculture Nursery & Landscape Wheat

What Michigan Brings to the Table

Michigan's food and beverage processing industry employs more than 805,000 people, accounts for 17% of Michigan's manufacturing employment, and is one of the three largest industries in the state!

Optimal Location with Regional Access

Michigan is uniquely positioned to serve both East Coast and International markets.

Michigan is located within 500 miles of half the US and Canadian populations and provides excellent market access. Michigan features more ports than any other state in the region. There are seven international airports in Michigan including Detroit Metro which is one of the largest air hubs in North America. Michigan’s bridges and the Detroit-Canada tunnel facilitate billions of dollars in international trade annually.

Advanced Logistics

33 Deep-water Harbors or Ports
9,721 Miles of Interstate, Freeways, and Expressways
7 International Airports

Site Readiness

Michigan has energy-ready sites and certified business parks available for your business to build, grow, and thrive!

Explore Sites in Michigan!

Higher Education Supports the Food and Agribusiness Sector in Michigan

Michigan is home to more than 90 colleges, universities and research centers working on cutting edge innovations that are advancing the food processing and agribusiness sectors. Michigan is ranked in the top 10 nationally for skilled workers with over 250,000 and has the highest concentration of engineers in the country. Michigan State University is ranked best in the country for land grant universities with a Food Processing Innovation Center that assists with research and development for pilot projects.

Michigan colleges and universities have top programs in:

  • Packaging
  • Supply Chain
  • Agriculture
  • Food Safety

Success Stories

In the past five years, more than 20 companies have expanded in Michigan, adding 1,300 jobs and investing $1.5 billion in private investments.
Fa!rlife had a $195 Million investment resulting in 49 new jobs.
Fairlife, a Coca-Cola Company subsidiary, pioneered ultra-filtration and better-for-you, value-added dairy products including high-protein, low-suar products like Core Life and Nutrition Plan.
King Flour had a $42 Million investment resulting in six new jobs.
King Milling Company, a fifth-generation agriculture and food company, mills wheat into premium flour for bakers and food processors. This expansion will result in leading-edge technology and the most modern flour mill in the country.
Perdue had a $35 Million investment resulting in 99 jobs.
Perdue Foods, a fourth-generation food and agriculture company with a fast-growing pet division, is expanding pet jerky production under the Spot Farm and Full Moon labels.
Request Foods, Inc. had a $205 Million investment resulting in 198 jobs.
Request Foods is a global leader in frozen food co-packing including food processing and culinary research and development. This expansion grows their capabilities in the ready-to-eat category and cold storage warehousing.
SnackCraft had a $41 Million investment resulting in 185 new jobs.
SnackCraft is the US headquarters for snack food manufacturing, producing natural-based snacks including crackers, cookies, tortilla chips, pretzels, and other salty snacks. SnackCraft is owned by Unismack SA located in Greece.

Locate in Michigan and Get Growing!

If you have more questions about locating your business in Michigan, please connect with Jodi Gruner, Economic & Community Development Specialist, at or 517-243-8046.