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Qualified Forest Program

Michigan's Qualified Forest Program Video

Michigan's Qualified Forest Program

The purpose of the Qualified Forest Program (QFP) is to encourage landowners to actively manage their privately owned forests for commercial harvest, wildlife habitat enhancement, and improvement of other non-forest resources. In exchange for managing their forests in a sustainable fashion, the landowner will receive an exemption from the local school operating millage. 

To contact the Qualified Forest Program, please call 517-284-5630 or email us at

NEW! Important Things to Consider Prior to Conducting Your Harvest

QFP Overview

How do I enroll in the QFP? (The deadline to apply is September 1st prior to the year you wish the exemption to take effect)

Forest Management Plan (FMP) Information

Can someone locally assist me with QFP enrollment or other forest health issues?

How do I find a Qualified Forester to write a FMP?

Information for local units of government (i.e., equalization, assessors, and treasurers)

Purchasing, selling, or removing land currently enrolled in the QFP

Is there financial assistance available to help pay for a FMP?