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Michigan's Dairy Laws

The Grade "A" Milk Law of 2001 has been revised and amended to include the adoption of the 2017 Federal Grade "A" Pasteurized Milk Ordinance. The Manufacturing Milk Law of 2001 has been revised and updated as well. The new updated laws are available by selecting a link from below.

To learn more about features of the new dairy laws or for more information on the dairy industry in Michigan, view issues of the Dairy Digest online.

The Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development, Food and Dairy Division, Dairy Section has many documents on the website, including Milking Equipment Installer Manual, Drug Residue Control and Educational Program, Drug Residue Screening Procedures Manual, Bulk Milk Hauler Training Manual and Summary of Requirements for Grade "A" Dairy Farm Milk Production. These may be accessed on the Dairy Manuals web page.