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Menu Options

The coordinator for a State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) Sponsor has access to specific controls to submit program applications, upload participants, and search educator information within the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS). Below is a brief overview of menu options within MOECS.

After logging into MOECS, there is a top menu in a gray bar with three options (SCECH Catalog and SCECH Sponsors on the left and Change/Profile District on the right). Down the left side of the screen is another menu including Professional Learning Applications, Educator, Professional Learning Reports, and Professional Learning Programs.

Top Menu Options

  • Change Profile/District: This allows the ability to toggle from different permissions in MOECS (EX: Applicant to SCECH Coordinator or from one a school district user to SCECH Coordinator). If the coordinator menu options are not visible, click on the Change Profile/District button and select SCECH Coordinator from the User Profile drop-down menu. There is also a drop down if you have access to multiple sponsors.
  • SCECH Catalog: The SCECH Catalog is a searchable collection of active SCECH opportunities. Within the program application, one may choose whether to include the program in the catalog. Any programs in the catalog are visible to the public and are searchable by keyword, date, sponsor, amount of SCECHs, county, category or program format.
  • SCECH Sponsors: This is a list of all approved SCECH Sponsors, including address, contact email and phone information. The list is viewable by the public and is searchable by sponsor name (partial names accepted). After searching, click on the sponsor name to reveal all current programs listed by that sponsor.

Left Side Menu Options

  • Professional Learning Applications: Once logged in as the coordinator, this is the default screen listing your program applications.
    • Search Menu: The search menu on the page allows access to your Sponsor’s applications (click Get All) with the ability to search by program name, program number, application number, status, and category.
    • Add New: This button allows the coordinator to create a new program application.
    • Application List: A table will automatically show your most recent 100 applications (unless selecting Get All). The applications are presented with the options to Edit, Delete, or Copy. One of six program statuses will be listed in the Status column (second from right). A program number will not appear until the status is listed as “Accepted”. For more information on these functions, see Submitting Program Applications.
  • Educator: The Educator List allows you to search for specific educator information by last name, first name, email, or Personnel Identification Code (PIC). Once you have searched an educator, it will show the last name and first name as listed in MOECS, along with email, PIC, and links to view current programs and all programs. Click on the last name to access the profile information. Select View under Programs to bring up a list of active SCECHs on the educator’s account. Choose View under All Programs to list all SCECHs received, including whether evaluation was completed.
  • Professional Learning Reports: This tab defaults to the SCECH Catalog and offers access to the SCECH Sponsor Manual (link at top of page). There is also access to the Late Submission Report (to view any submissions within 30 days of start date-requirement is currently waived), and all submitted applications.
  • Professional Learning Programs: The program list allows you to view your active and past programs, upload participants, and view evaluation data. Programs are added to the list on a program’s Begin Date.
    • Search Menu: You may search the list by program name, program number, application number, offering end date or category. Select the Show records older than 2 years button at the top to access older programs.
    • Program List: Programs are presented with ten columns of information/options (Program Name & number, begin date, end date, county, uploaded, evaluation complete, roster, pending upload, and functions). Below are descriptions for the last 6 columns:
      • Uploaded: Shows how many participants have been uploaded to the program. By clicking the number in this column, MOECS opens a report listing all uploaded participants that can be Exported to Excel.
      • Evaluation Complete: Lists the number of evaluations completed for the program.
      • Roster: Participants are uploaded by selecting the Upload/Add button in this column.
      • Pending Upload: Shows whether an upload has been completed.
      • Functions: Provides options to print answers to completed evaluations; delete all registrants; and to add, edit or copy evaluation questions.

Further information related to uploading participants and accessing evaluation information is addressed in specific sections in the manual.