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Sponsor Responsibilities

To become a State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) sponsor, the school, association, or entity must complete the sponsor application. Sponsorship is limited to the entities listed on page one of the application.  

Within the application, the sponsor must select a coordinator who will be responsible for the submission of program applications to the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS), uploading participant information, and program file maintenance. The sponsor may also choose to name one or more assistant coordinators.

Sponsor Responsibilities

    •  Changing to a different coordinator: The sponsor must submit a completed Michigan Education Information System (MEIS) Security Agreement Form for the new coordinator (SCECH Sponsor Application Attachment B) to The new coordinator will be granted access with the former coordinator being deactivated.
    • Adding Assistant Coordinators: The Sponsor must submit a completed MEIS Security Agreement Form for the new assistant coordinator (SCECH Sponsor Application Attachment C) to
    • Deactivating Assistant Coordinators: When an Assistant Coordinator is no longer helping the Coordinator, the Sponsor must send notification to the MDE SCECH Administrator by email at to de-activate them.
  • MDE will audit sponsor files on a rotating basis. The auditor will evaluate the sponsor’s approved SCECHs program files from the last 5 calendar years. Those files must contain the items listed in the program file directions.

    The following discrepancies found during an audit may result in the rescission of sponsorship if corrective action is not taken:

    • If the minimum contact hours are not met based upon re-calculation of contact hours on the agenda and other evidence in the program file. Minimum hours are listed below.
      • Programs prior to September 7, 2018: Minimum of 3 hours.
      • Programs between September 7, 2018 and July 1, 2019: 1 hour.
      • Programs after July 1, 2019: 0.25 hours (round down to nearest quarter hour).
    • If SCECHs were issued to participants who did not meet the required criteria.
  • Should a SCECH Sponsor decide to discontinue sponsorship, the sponsor must notify MDE at and transfer all SCECHs records and databases to an active sponsor for the remainder of the seven years or remain available for questions regarding past programs.

    Steps When Discontinuing Sponsorship:

    • Complete and close all SCECH files and documents prior to transferring everything to the new SCECH Sponsor.
    • Notify the MDE SCECH Administrator that the SCECH Sponsor will discontinue SCECH Sponsorship on a specific date and where the program files will be located.

    Sponsor Receiving Records:

    • Notify MDE when records from the discontinuing sponsor have been received.
    • Maintain program and participant records from the discontinuing sponsor for seven (7) years after the last upload date