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Process Steps

State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) are awarded to participants of professional learning opportunities approved by the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) and may be used for renewing and progressing MDE issued certificates, licenses, and credentials. Below is an overview of the SCECH process. For more information, view the SCECH webpage.

  1. Plan and send information to the coordinator. The program provider plans the professional learning activity (or yearlong plan) and relays the information to the coordinator (or assistant coordinator) to submit a SCECH program application. Resources for planning professional learning include a PDF version of the Program Application (may not be submitted to MDE, but may be used to relay needed information to the coordinator) and the Professional Learning Guidelines aligned to MCL 380.1526 and MCL 380.1527.
  2. Coordinator submits program into the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS). The assistant coordinator has access to submit programs to the coordinator, but only the coordinator may submit programs directly to MDE through MOECS. Effective February 1, 2021, program applications need to be submitted at least two weeks (14 calendar days) prior to the start of the program to be accepted. View the Submitting a SCECH Program Application section of the manual or the instructional video for more information.
  3. MDE review and approval process. Once the program is submitted to MDE, it is reviewed and either rejected or accepted. Coordinators will receive an electronic status notification. Rejections will detail the reasons and may be resubmitted after errors are corrected. Approved applications will show the status of “Accepted” in the Program Application window. The review and approval process may take up to two weeks.
  4. Professional learning occurs and documentation is kept. Each program should be monitored to ensure that participants understand the SCECH expectations and procedures, as well as to verify attendance of the professional learning. Documentation, including verified attendance should be sent to the coordinator and kept in the program file.
  5. Coordinator uploads participants into MOECS. Coordinators may upload participants by entire roster, using the template, or by individual. Participants must be uploaded using their Personnel Identification Code (PIC) with matching name. Resources available include Uploading Participants guidance and instructional video.
  6. Educator completes program evaluation survey. Once uploaded, participants will receive a notification to complete a program evaluation survey. Educators may access the surveys through the notification email or their MOECS Account. The evaluations do not expire but need to be completed before the hours can be used for the educator’s renewal.
  7. SCECHs are awarded. After completion of the survey, SCECHs will be added to the educator’s MOECS account.