General Information

  • Casino Disclaimer Statement

    The casino interest registration disclaimer explains who is required to file a registration under Michigan law. However, certain persons are not required to submit registrations and will not be found in the summary or the searchable database.

  • Casino Registration Act Summary

    The Casino Registration Act (PA 69 of 1997) provides for the licensing and control of casino gaming operations, manufacturers and distributors of gaming devices and gaming employees.

Special Announcement

  • Special Announcement

    The Bureau of Elections has received inquiries regarding the ability of petition gatherers to collect and submit signature petitions, including candidates with an April 21 filing deadline. As of now, all statutory requirements remain in place. Evaluation of the applicability of statutory deadlines and signature requirements in light of COVID-19 is ongoing, and we will share an update on any changes to requirements and procedures as soon as they are announced.

Acts and Rules